The Next step is here, XXR 527 the mother of all super stretch stance wheels is now FORGED and in stock in Australia with Authorised Distributors recieving their first stocks this week !

Christmas comes onces a year and with the influence of the XXR Wheel range being key to all modified car scene in Australia it is only fitting that the Forged option now be available across Australia.

These stance wheels not only describe the way the car sits - It reflects how low the car is, how wide the wheels are, one thing XXR is not shy of with the first wheel manufacturer to release plus size 0.25 and 0.75 inch increments it is crucial to keep in mind these sizes, widths and offsets that all play an important part in choosing a particular wheel.

The FORGED range is now available in custom fitments specifically designed on a vehicle basis be it large brake caliper clearence, Brembo Brakes, 4 pot or 6 pot, WRX, EVO, STI or GTR the X factor available on the custom set up XXR Wheels is second to none featuring a super concave multi-spoke design on every offset, width and fitment.

With the first XXR 527 forged hitting the Australian roads this week, It is only fitting that the first vehicle to have a set of these Original XXR forged wheels being just as unique as the XXR Wheel range. To be released next week....Stay tuned !